I recently turned 23 ( WHERE HAS MY YOUTH GONE?)(kidding, kinda) and decided a birthday trip to Moab was in order. So we packed the gear and headed to the desert. This time around the crew consisted of myself, Ethan, Katie and Cody.

The drive to get to Moab was just under 6 hours coming from Boulder. This is literally no time at all considering how we found ourselves on another planet entirely. This trip forever has a place in my heart. I almost can't even think about it. The fact that we climbed a different rock face every single night to watch the sun set is just... no words.   

The trip started off early on a Friday morning, making us arrive to the campground around 2 :30 - give or take. We drove up to the entrance only to be told that everything was full EXCEPT maybe a few spots in the farthest campground in the area. We decided to give it a go. 

FULL (I feel like we get denied a lot)

Feeling a bit discouraged we started to make our way back down, not really knowing what to do at this point. Trying to keep myself calm I literally said "It's OK, we're meant to be here. The universe is going to make this happen". 

AND SHE DID.  like two seconds later.

I somehow managed to spot a picnic table quite a ways off in the  distance. We quickly made our way towards it, realizing it was in fact an open spot. No one had attempted to get to it because it required having a vehicle that had fairly good clearance and off road capabilities (que the FJ Cruiser saving the day).  

So we were able to blissfully camp and climb rocks and explore Arches, Canyonlands, and Dead Horse Point for the next couple days.  


Campground: Sand Flats Recreation Area

Site: H6 

Amenities: Each site has a picnic table and fire pit. The main entrance of each loop also has a restroom. 

Fee: $10/night

Directions from Boulder: get on CO-93 and follow to US6-E in Golden. From here you'll hop onto I-70 W and follow  for 4 hours to Grand County. Once you've made it to Grand County take Exit 182 - here you can stop at the World Famous Papa Joe's Stop and Go. It's a bright yellow quirky little gas station. There is a sign above the restrooms that say "I SURVIVED THE LINE AT PAP JOE'S". Clearly, lots of people stop here. Once you've filled up on gas you'll follow US-191 right on into Moab. 

To Sand Flats from Moab: once you're on the main street in Moab, you'll take a left on E 100 S. Turn right onto Fourth E Street. Here you'll see the famous Apache Motel (John Wayne used to like to stay here for months at a time). Once you've passed the motel turn left onto Pueblo Ct and continue straight on towards The Sand Flats Recreation Area. 

This place was pure magic. I can't even explain the vibes that surround it. I can still feel them.

I will most absolutely 100% guaranteed find myself in Moab, Utah again someday. I mean, there is no better place in the world to watch the sun go down whilst listening to the Lion King soundtrack - another thing that also 100% needs to happen again in my life. Seriously, watch this

- KB