This past weekend Ethan and I found ourselves wanting to go camping, as always. We had plans to camp next to a reservoir close to the front range. Ethan and his buddy Cory would fly fish, while I relaxed in my hammock and drank cider (naturally). So we packed up all the gear and headed out to the campground. 


ughhhh , seriously

We sat there feeling a little defeated and I watched my vision of hammocking next to the water with my angry orchard vanish into thin air. After  we sat there for a minute dwelling in our defeat, we quickly realized that we live in Colorado, and where there is a will to camp - there is ALWAYS a way. 

So, we continued to venture on, in search of a campsite that would fulfill all of our camping dreams. We headed towards a spot in Nederland we had camped at with friends last summer. 


defeat, again. so.much.defeat. 

But then we remembered that we live in Colorado, and where there is a will to camp... 

We saw a couple other vehicles had just bypassed the gate all together and went on their merry camping way. We were nervous to do the same but finally found the courage to around the gate. PHEW. PULLED THAT ONE OFF. (i can promise you that not a single person of authority was the least bit concerned that we disregarded the rules).


As most of you know, off season camping can often come with drab colors and cold nights, this campground was no different. Most of the trees were dead, but not all of them. It got cold at night, but the days were warm. The more and more I photographed, the more I realized how beautiful this place really was. I just had to allow myself to see it. And that's what this new camera/blog is really showing me how to do, to see beauty in the ordinary...

to see beauty everywhere I go.

CAMPGROUND: West Magnolia

Campsite: #18 

Directions from Boulder: head west on canyon, follow canyon all the way past the west end of Boulder Creek (where everyone floats and hammocks), keep on canyon until you see a sign for MAGNOLIA, TURN LEFT. From this point you will simply follow Magnolia the entire time (you'll probably think you missed a turn somewhere - you didn't), you'll eventually come to a point where Magnolia intersects with Magnolia/132 coming at you from Nederland. At this point you'll simply cross the road and you will see the 'West Magnolia Recreation Area' board. You're there! 

It may not have been our original destination but you know what, I still got to relax in my hammock and sip my cider while the boys magically found a pond to fly fish in. So it's all good.

- KB